What is the server's experience (EXP) rate?+

A: The server has a medium-high experience rate as it is more focused on PVP.

What is the item drop rate?+

A: The item drop has a perfect balance that seeks to maintain stable trade among players.

Is the server Pay-to-Win (P2W)?+

A: Todo el equipamiento PvM y PvP se encuentra en el juego de manera gratuita completando mazmorras y destruyendo metines.

Are there any packages or bonuses for new players?+

A: Upon starting, you will receive everything necessary to advance to level 75 and acquire items for the next stages.

Does this server offer exclusive content?+

A: Each special season we offer the best and new content to the players.

Are there exclusive mounts or pets?+

A: Yes, head over to the outfit section to see all the existing mounts and pets. https://guabinagame.com/en/shop2

Are there special or recurring events?+

A: Events are held daily on the server, join our Discord room to receive notifications of them. https://discord.gg/guabina

How does the server economy work?+

A: Trade using our WON currency through the offline-shop system or directly with other players.

Is there an item shop?+

A: The server has ItemShop ingame and ItemShop through the web.

How many players are active on average?+

A: The server has an average of 1100-1200 players online

What rules does the server have and how is moderation handled?+

A: Find the regulations of our server in the following link: https://foro.guabinagame.com/viewtopic.php?t=130

Are there prominent guilds/clans or alliances?+

A: There are guilds from both kingdoms where you can find great friends to advance your way to the top. Check our Discord channel to get alliances: https://discord.gg/guabina

How often is the server updated?+

A: We are constantly innovating and adding new improvements to our server. You can check our updates at: https://guabinagame.com/en/updates

How are technical problems and bugs handled?+

A: All problems are resolved as soon as possible, trying to ensure maximum fun for our players. You can check the problems and bugs section in our Discord: https://discord.gg/guabina

Do they have protection against hacks or DDoS attacks?+

A: Yes, the server for more than 13 years has guaranteed the safety and well-being of the players under any circumstances.

How is the learning curve and progression on this server?+

A: We are always updating and innovating in all aspects of the game. Both in the programming part and in the graphics and security of the game. Every day we improve to give our community the best possible quality.

Are there special areas or events for beginners?+

A: Yes, the server has exclusive events for players who are just starting out.

Does the server have measures to prevent cheats?+

A: We have anti-cheat systems and the staff is constantly monitoring suspicious players, alert to any attempt to use external programs. To ensure competition without cheating on our server.